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GB 3452 CG-012 · File · 1797-1857
Part of Campbell of Glendaruel Papers

Article of Agreement dated Montreal, Canada 28th September 1797, between Duncan Campbell and Jean Pierre, or John Peter, alias Campbell, an African, to be Duncan's body servant.
Assignation and Translation by Miss Jane C Campbell of Glendaruel, 2nd May 1831, of a Bond of Assignation made by her brother Archibald Campbell of Glendaruel to repay a loan of £900 Sterling made by her to him four years earlier, repayments to be made half yearly.
Statement of the Rental Returns for the Estate of Glendaruel for the year 1832, apparently given up in 1834.
Return of fish taken from the River Ruel from the 1st August (no year) till the close of the season, with list of fishermen's names.

GB 3452 CG-002 · File · 1680-1751
Part of Campbell of Glendaruel Papers

Two bonds by James Campbell of Glendaruel to Mungo Campbell in Edinburgh, 24th April 1680.
Bond by James Campbell to Mungo Campbell, Edinburgh, 10th August 1681.
Bond by James Campbell for the sum of £640 Scots, but (blank) name missing, Edinburgh, 21st February 1683.
Re-grant of a Bond between David Ramsay and James Campbell of Glendaruel, for £200 Glendaruel had borrowed, Edinburgh, March 1687.
Assignation by David Ramsay to Mungo Campbell of Burnbank, Edinburgh, 18th April 1687.
Extracts from Argyll Register of Sasines, volume II, from 30th January 1682 to 20th November 1696.
Decreet, 28th July 1738, Mr John MacLeod of Muiravonside, Advocate, against William Campbell, Tacksman of Glendaruel and Mr Archibald Campbell of Stonefield his assignee, listing monies due and historical transactions on this forfeited estate.
Disposition by Duncan McGibbon of Auchnagerran, surveyor of HM Customs in Glasgow, and his wife Mary Maxwell, of lands in Cowal to John MacLeod of Muiravonside, advocate, Edinburgh, 12th August 1740, mentions the original grant to his grandfather, also Duncan McGibbon, by the superior Sir Dougall Campbell of Auchinbreck in January 1616 (see 3, above).
Individual rentals of the farms and mills on Glendaruel estate and their contributions towards the overall value of £73-3s-3d given up in the 1751 valuation.

GB 3452 CG · Fonds · 1616-1977

Estate and family papers for the Campbell of Glendaruel family from the 17th to the 20th centuries, including tacks and leases, contracts and legal papers and correspondence relating to estate business, personal correspondence and family history.

Campbell, Archibald Hume
GB 3452 CG-019 · File · 1956-1977
Part of Campbell of Glendaruel Papers

Inventory of items covered by insurance policy belonging to Miss M E H Campbell of Glendaruel, from Stanley Holt Ltd, Manchester, undated, covering items held in a number of residences - Ashburton Mansions, Southsea, Bradshaw Hall, Bolton, and Ash Tree, Ditchling, Sussex.
Letter, Ardachearanbeg, 22nd July 1956, from Mrs Mary B MacNaughton, and letter, The Manse, Glendaruel, 19th July 1956, from the Reverend J A Sim, both dealing with the arrangements for the interrment of Miss Campbell, aunt of A H Campbell (recipient of the letters).
Letter, Lyon Office, Edinburgh, 23rd May 1957, H A B Lawson, Rothesay Herald and Lyon Clerk to A H Campbell, acknowledging the matriculation of arms and official change of name to Campbell.
Four letters, Dunans, 24th November 1956 to 11th May 1957, Ian Fletcher of Dunans to A H Campbell, commenting on their recent meeting at the funeral, congratulating him on his matriculation of arms, and finding John Cameron, mason at Newton, to do repair work on the walls of the private burial enclosure.
Letter, London, 12th February 1971, Harbottle & Lewis, Solicitors to A H Campbell, bill for redrafting a Will.
Correspondence, 1973-4, between Mr A V Reece, "Woodlands", Glendaruel, and A H Campbell, regarding the cutting back of trees and shrubbery encroaching on the Glendaruel private burial enclosure.
Correspondence, August/September 1977, between Miss Joan Wilson, Archivist, Wellington Museum, Stratfield Saye House, Reading, and A H Campbell, regarding the Duke of Wellington's hand-written notes on India and Afghanistan.

GB 3452 CG-014 · File · 1805-1820
Part of Campbell of Glendaruel Papers

A copy of the correspondence between John Campbell quartus as agent for Duncan Campbell of Glendaruel and James Fraser as agent for Colonel McLeod regarding the settling of a debt by the latter for a quarry on the lands on the former, between 9th and 11th July 1805.
Letter, South Hall, 5th July 1815, John Campbell of South Hall to Miss Elizabeth Campbell of Glendaruel, regarding the land to build a canal in the glen.
Letter, South Hall, 4th April 1816, John Campbell of South Hall to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, about the marches between Auchategan and Camachart (Camquhart).
Letter, Glendaruel, 29th May 1816, Andrew Henderson to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, regarding an offer made for the fishing rights on the River Ruel.
Letter, Inveraray, 24th September 1818, Duncan Paterson, Procurator Fiscal, Argyllshire, to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel regarding articles stolen by John May, Glendaruel, who had absconded.
Letter, Greenock, 30th July 1819, Walter Turbet, writer, to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, regarding her payment of an outstanding of £100 plus interest.
Promissory note from Miss Campbell to Walter Turbet, dated 30th July 1819.
Letter, Camden Town, London, 14th December 1819, Captain John Mackellar to Miss Elizabeth Campbell of Glendaruel. Captain Mackellar affectionately calls Miss Campbell Bess, and Betsy, he may have been the son of Colonel Patrick Mackellar and later Admiral John Mackellar.
Letter, Edinburgh, 18th December 1819, Mr George Simson of behalf of Major Campbell of Strachur to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, stating his client's intention to give up the lease of Orchyard Park and suggesting Mr Mungo Campbell of Glasgow was a suitable replacement tenant for the house.
Shopping list, Greenock, 1819-20, list of items purchased from Miss E Gordon by Miss Elizabeth Campbell of Glendaruel.
Letter, Dunloskin, 7th February 1820, Patrick Rose to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, on the subject of letting farms and Arbitration regarding Ferry matters.
Shopping list, Greenock, 2nd May 1820, W McGowan to Miss Elizabeth Campbell of Glendaruel.
Letter, Dunans, 30th November 1820, John Fletcher of Dunans to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, relinquishing the use of Garvie Mill and instead using Moymore Mill.
Bill, Inveraray, February 1820 and March 1821, From Duncan Paterson, writer, to Mrs Lillias Campbell, late of Glendaruel and Miss E Campbell now of Glendaruel, for £12 2s 6d.
Letter, Islay, 13th September 1821, Dr Crawford to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, as co-trustee to a Formal Trust Decreet and Settlement.
Letter, Inveraray, 22nd January 1822, Duncan Paterson to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, regarding the sequestration and removal of Mr Hyde from his Tack.
Letter, Mr Combers School, 15 Grove Lane Camberwell, 21st April 1821, Miss Mary Ann Campbell to Miss Elizabeth Campbell of Glendaruel.
Printed circular, Campbeltown, 15th June 1821, Mr John Beith, Collector of Supply for the County of Argyll, to (among others) Miss Lilias (sic) Campbell of Glendaruel for the taxes due 1820-1.
Letter, Castle Lachlan, 29th October 1821, Robert MacLachlan of Strathlachlan to Miss Elizabeth Campbell of Glendaruel, concerning the selection of a minister to replace Dr Stewart; Letter, Glasgow, 5th November 1822, Mungo N Campbell to Miss Elizabeth Campbell of Glendaruel regarding funds due to Alexander Donald at Halfton.
Letter, Kilmodan Manse, January 1823, the reverend Donald Campbell to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, regarding funds for the repair of the manse.
Letter, Greenock, 7th January 1823, Peter McKenzie, son of the late tenant at Lochan, to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel,seeking permission to erect a substantial house at Kirn,with an added note of concern regarding its alignment from John Lamont.
Letter, Edinburgh,20th June 1828, Robert Mackenzie WS to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel in Cheltenham, regarding her brother John, being recommended for a medical commission in the army in India (HEICS), also her brother Duncan being recommended for an ensign's commission by Campbell of Lochnell.

GB 3452 CG-016 · File · 1820-1829
Part of Campbell of Glendaruel Papers

Letter, Dalingburn, 8th January 1820, from Mungo N Campbell to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel about his interest in buying Hafton, in which he calls her Jane and offers best wishes to the Captain.
Commission, 13th November 1820, from the 6th Duke of Argyll appointing Captain Neil Campbell, Glendaruel House, his Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Argyll, "in the First year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord George the Fourth".
Letter, 15th February 1821, from Duncan Paterson to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, advising precaution when accepting a Bill of monies being paid to her.
Circular to the Heritors of the Parish of Kilmodan, 12th January 1823, from the Parish Officer on behalf of the Reverend D Campbell, regarding the poor state of the manse.
Letter, Kilmodan Manse, 27th February 1823, from the Reverend Donald Campbell to Captain Neil Campbell, Glendaruel House, in relation to monies agreed with the Heritors for the repair of the manse.
Copy of the reply, 1st March 1823, from Elizabeth Campbell, Glendaruel House, agreeing the terms.
Letter, Greenock, 23rd May 1823, from John Lamont to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, relative to the granting of leases to the tenants.
Letter, Kilmun, 4th October 1823, from John Lamont to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, with further details of tenants, naming, for Rashfield, Duncan White, Donald White, Archibald Campbell, Glenmassan, and the involvement of Duncan Paterson. The Orchard tenants are all behind with their rents, and Lamont has made payment for wool.
Letter, Edinburgh, 13th March 1827, from Robert Mackenzie to Miss Campbell of Glendaruel, about the purchase of a commission for Miss Campbell's brother, pledging that the want of funds will not be a problem.
Letter, Edinburgh, 7th June 1827, From Robert Mackenzie to Miss Campbell, acknowledging her Discharge to the late Glendaruel Trustees, and the sending out of the sum of £900 to her "eldest brother" [unnamed, but see Bundle 3, below] "by a Bond and Assignation from him to his life policy". There are also comments about the validity of the Discharge in its present form, it is undated and signed "Jane C Campbell" (endorsed full name required).
Letter, Edinburgh, 20th August 1827, from Robert MacKenzie to Miss Campbell, regarding the enormous expenditure of her brother Duncan in Liverpool, and writing to "the company in whose charge he has been" and asking that he be allowed to return to Glendaruel. Mr J Campbell of Jura has "ordered his debts to be paid". Mackenzie also hopes Mr Campbell will meet "your father and me at Glendaruel".
Letter, Edinburgh, 20th May 1829, from Robert Mackenzie to Miss Campbell, concerning cash flow problems and the payment of dues, also the board for her brother Duncan, due for payment 1st June 1829.
Letter, Edinburgh, 22nd June 1829, from Robert Mackenzie to Miss Campbell, expressing regret that her brother has now gone to Ireland, the suggestion of leaving out a sum of money is incompatible unless the money is paid to Duncan as a loan which may be called upon in the future by the children of Colonel Limond. Mr C Campbell is to accompany his brother, who is ill, back to Jura. Letter, Edinburgh, 22nd December 1829, from Robert Mackenzie to Miss Jane Campbell, Glendaruel, correcting her assumptions over the disposition of the Glendaruel lands and brother Duncan's impending claim.
Copy of two letters, 1) Edinburgh, 22nd December 1829 [from Mackenzie to Mungo Nutter Campbell] in preparation of the impending challenge by Duncan, 2) Ardkinglas House, 26th December 1829 [Mungo Nutter Campbell to Miss Jane Campbell, Glendaruel] forwarding Mackenzie's letter, mentions her granduncle's [Duncan's] Trust, John and Archy [Archibald], Jane's other brothers?] also mentioned.

GB 3452 CG-007 · File · 1867-12-22
Part of Campbell of Glendaruel Papers

This Deed was executed by Duncan Campbell of Kirnan [son of the Reverend Alexander Campbell in Inveraray] in favour of his natural, and only, son Duncan, whom failing to the sons of his brother-in-law, Duncan Campbell, 1st of Glendaruel, in turn.

Glendaruel estate papers
GB 3452 CG-008 · File · 1775-1840
Part of Campbell of Glendaruel Papers

Lengthy copy (69 pages) of dispute over the marches of the Glendaruel estate between Duncan Campbell of Glendaruel, his son Duncan and son-in-law Neil McKellar, both then drovers, and neighbours including the Wilsons of Evanachan, dated 13th September 1775.
Letter, 5th November 1798, 5th Duke of Argyll to Captain Duncan Campbell, Argyll Militia, Paisley, agreeing to him replacing Mr Mackinnon as Paymaster "provided it is acceptable to Colonel Campbell".
Letter, Letter, Inveraray, 27th December 1802, Duncan Paterson, lawyer there, to Duncan Paterson of Glendaruel regarding payment of feu duties for Glendaruel to the Duke of Argyll. The feu duty paid to the 5th Duke in 1802 was £60 19s 10 halfpenny, with breakdown of monies paid on each part of the estate.
Letter, Edinburgh, 19th March 1806, John Campbell quartus to Duncan Campbell of Glendaruel, referring to an outstanding balance due on the lands of Conchra, also mentioned in the proceedings, a widow's annuity, Duncan Paterson, Parson McDougall in Lochgoilhead, and Mr Adair " ... rather a violent man and will put his threat into execution ...".
Petition, dated Edinburgh 20th January and Inveraray 2nd February 1808, by Janet MacCananich, widow of Archibald Black, tacksman of Kilbridemore on the Glendaruel Estate, against Duncan Campbell of Glendaruel. Mrs Black's petition paints a very bad picture of Glendaruel's temperament and relationship with his tenants: Mrs Black was claiming her rights to certain funds belonging to her late husband on behalf of herself and her children.
Response to Widow Black's Petition, dated 25th March 1807.
Draft copy of the Tacks document to be issued by the 6th Duke of Argyll to the tenants in Rosneath, no date.
Copy of a Bill of Suspension and Interdict given in by George Andrew, agent to John Campbell of Ormidale, to be answered in three weeks after the 16th March 1813, being Monday the 6th or 7th day of April.
Lease for Ardinslate and other properties, 31st August 1821, from Captain Neil Campbell to Mr David Hyde.
Receipt for feu duties paid for Glendaruel from Miss Campbell to the Duke of Argyll for Martinmass 1822.
Agreement to install a weighing machine at Loch Riddonhead, 23rd January 1838, with updates to tenants' names added in May 1840. Regulations for weighing machine includes list of tenants with their expected contributions to the cost as part of their rentals, and changes to tenants' names in 1840. List includes the Teinds Parsonage and Vicarage payable from each farm.
Minister's Stipend payable out of the lands of Glendaruel, no date.